List of Top 7 Austrian Construction Companies

Friday, 15 December 23, 12:20

The construction industry in Austria has been a significant contributor to the country's economy. Before my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the sector experienced steady growth. The market size was substantial, reflecting the demand for both residential and non-residential infrastructure projects. However, specific figures and growth rates may vary due to changing economic conditions and policies beyond that date.

The construction industry is a vital pillar of Austria's economy. Its contribution extends beyond the direct value added by construction activities. The sector's performance also influences related industries like real estate, manufacturing, and services. Additionally, infrastructure development enhances the overall productivity and competitiveness of the Austrian economy.

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Major Drivers of Growth for Austrian Construction Industry

Infrastructure Projects: Public and private investments in infrastructure projects, such as transportation networks, energy facilities, and urban development, have been driving growth in the construction sector.

Real Estate Demand: The demand for both residential and commercial real estate has been a key driver, leading to construction activities and property development across various cities in Austria.

Government Policies and Initiatives: Supportive government policies, incentives for construction projects, and regulations aimed at stimulating the construction sector have positively influenced its growth.

Top Construction Companies in Austria

  1. Strabag AG
  2. Porr AG

3. Swietelsky





Strabag AG

Strabag AG is one of the largest construction companies in Austria as well as Europe. With decades of experience in executing complex and challenging projects in infrastructure, transportation, buildings, and civil engineering sectors, Strabag has rightly become the biggest EPC company in Austria.

It has a diversified portfolio, the company has demonstrated solid financial performance and stability. Strabag operates on a large scale and has a significant market share in Austria, Germany, Spain, and other EU countries.

Strabag has been involved in numerous major projects in Austria and across Europe. Some of their notable projects in Austria may include the construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, and commercial buildings.

Porr AG

Porr AG is one of the leading construction companies in Austria. The company has a history dating back to 1869, which indicates its long-standing presence and experience in the sector.

Porr is a significant player in the Austrian construction market and also operates internationally, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has a substantial market share in various construction sectors, including infrastructure, transportation, buildings, and civil engineering.

Porr has been involved in numerous major projects, both in Austria and abroad. Some of its notable projects include the Semmering Base Tunnel, which is a vital railway infrastructure connecting Vienna and Southern Austria, and The Circle Vienna, a large-scale urban development project.


Swietelsky is one of the leading construction companies in Austria, with an exclusive focus on infrastructure and transportation projects. The company has a solid track record and is known for its efficiency and reliability.

Swietelsky holds a significant market share in the Austrian construction sector. Infrastructure development and railway projects have traditionally been the niche of the company since its inception.

Swietelsky has undertaken various projects involving road construction, railway development, and infrastructure upgrades in Austria. They have also been involved in projects outside Austria in collaboration with other major European construction companies.

Some other notable EPC companies in Austria

  • Leyrer + Graf
  • Zรผblin
  • HABAU Hoch- und
  • Tiefba
  • Hilti & Jehle

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