List of Top 10 Largest Construction Companies in Europe by Revenue

Wednesday, 13 December 23, 13:10

The European construction market is one of the largest and most diverse in the world. It encompasses various sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and civil engineering projects.

With the largest market size, construction contributes substantially towards GDP and employment. In 2022, the market was valued at approximately EUR 2.6 trillion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% from 2023 to 2028.

Here are some of the key statistics about the European construction market:

  • The top 20 construction companies in Europe account for over 50% of the market share.
  • The residential construction sector is the largest segment of the market, accounting for over 40% of total revenue.
  • The commercial construction sector is the second largest segment, accounting for over 30% of total revenue.
  • The infrastructure construction sector is the third largest segment, accounting for over 20% of total revenue.

The role of the largest construction companies in Europe will be even more important in the coming years. These companies will need to adapt to the challenges facing the market and continue to deliver high-quality construction projects in europe as well as other regions.

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However, the European construction market also faces some challenges:

  • The shortage of skilled labor: The construction industry is facing a shortage of skilled labor. This shortage is expected to worsen in the coming years as the demand for construction services grows.
  • The rising cost of materials: The cost of materials, such as steel and concrete, has been rising in recent years. This increase in costs is putting pressure on construction budgets.
  • The impact of climate change: Climate change is expected to have a significant impact on the construction industry. Extreme weather events, such as floods and storms, are becoming more common and are causing damage to infrastructure projects.

The largest construction contractors in Europe play a vital role in the market. These large companies are responsible for delivering major infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, airports, and power plants. They also play a key role in the construction of residential and commercial buildings apart from their role in providing employment and boosting the GDP of the entire region.

Top 10 Biggest Construction Companies in Europe

1. ACS (Actividades de Construccion y Servicios) SA


3. Strabag SE

4. Skanska AB







ACS (Actividades de Construccion y Servicios) SA

CS (Actividades de Construccion y Servicios) SA, or ACS Group, is the largest building construction company in Spain. The company has a dominant market share in Western Europe through its subsidiary Hochtief AG and in the United States through Turner Construction.

It provides construction and engineering services and specializes in civil work projects. It operates through the following segments: Construction, Industrial Services, Services, and Corporate Units. The Construction segment caters to civil works, residential, and non-residential buildings.

The Industrial Services segment engages in the development of applied engineering services, installations, and the maintenance of industrial infrastructures in the energy, communications, and control systems sectors.


Vinci SA is probably the largest construction company not only in France but also in Europe. Founded in 1899 as Société Générale d’Enterprises, Vinci has emerged as one of the 15 largest EPC companies in the world, rebranding itself as VINCI in 2000.The company has grown in size and market capitalization by acquiring numerous other businesses worldwide. Vinci Group has more than 1800 wholly owned subsidiary companies and more than 150 joint ventures.

The biggest French construction company operates through two broad categories of services - Concession and Contracting. While the Concessions segment develops and operates motorways, transport infrastructures, and public facility concessions, the Contracting segment includes electrical works and engineering, information, and communication technology.

Strabag SE

STRABAG SE tops the list of 7 top construction companies in Austria. It operates its business through the following business segments: North + West, South + East, International + Special Divisions, and Other. The North + West segment engages in construction activities in Germany, Poland, Benelux, and Scandinavia as well as ground engineering, hydraulic engineering, and offshore wind activities. The South + East segment is comprised of construction activities in Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Adriatic, the Rest of Europe and Russia, and the environmental engineering business.

The International + Special Divisions segment includes international construction activities, tunneling, services, real estate development, and infrastructure development as well as the construction materials business. The Other segment represents central divisions and central staff divisions, which handle services in the areas of accounting, group financing, technical development, machine management, quality management, logistics, legal affairs, and contract management. The company was founded in 1895 and is headquartered in Villach, Austria.

Skanska AB

Skanska AB is the largest among the top 7 construction companies in Sweden. It engages in the provision of construction and project development businesses. It operates through the following segments: Construction, Residential Development, and Commercial Property Development. The Construction segment includes both building construction and civil construction.

The Residential Development segment develops residential projects for immediate sale. The Commercial Property Development segment initiates, develops, leases, and diverts commercial property projects. The company was founded by Rudolf Fredrik Berg in 1887 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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