Global Top 10 Smart Meter Companies [2023]

Tuesday, 25 April 23, 09:30

Smart metering for electricity, gas, and water has transformed consumption metering.

Smart meters enable greater measurement, power quality, and data profiling capabilities compared to traditional meters.

Instead of relying on traditional meters (mechanical meters), energy suppliers and utility companies are leveraging smart meters to simplify the entire process and save time and money.

Smart metering for electricity, gas, and water has transformed consumption metering.

Smart meters enable greater measurement, power quality, and data profiling capabilities compared to traditional meters.

Instead of relying on traditional meters (mechanical meters), energy suppliers and utility companies are leveraging smart meters to simplify the entire process and save time and money.

In addition, smart meter installation does not require sending field crews on multiple physical trips to report consumption data, such as the electricity consumption data of residential users.

For example, a smart electric meter enables a public utility to provide customers with detailed feedback on their energy usage/electricity usage at different times of the day, so they can save money by changing their energy consumption habits.

Apart from providing exact data needed for billing and optimization, a smart meter offers a choice of communication technology like cellular IoT or RF (radio frequency) mesh, as well as enhanced reliability and safety.

Landis+Gyr, Itron, and Honeywell are the major market players ranked by revenue.

Do you want to learn more about the top 10 smart meter companies? Read on.

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Global Top 10 Smart Meter Companies [2023]

Aclara Technologies LLC

EDMI Limited

Enel S.p.A.

Honeywell International Inc.

Itron, Inc.

Kamstrup A/S

Landis+Gyr Group AG

Schneider Electric SE

Sensus (Xylem Inc.)

Wasion International

Blackridge Research & Consulting – Global Smart Meters Market Report

Wrapping Up

Global Top 10 Smart Meter Companies [2023]

Here are the world’s leading smart meter companies (listed alphabetically):

Aclara Technologies LLC

Founded: 1972

Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Aclara Technologies LLC (Aclara) is a subsidiary of Hubbell Incorporated (a leading manufacturer of electrical and utility solutions) and a globally recognized supplier of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to 800+ water, gas, and electric utilities.

As an end-to-end SIS partner, Aclara offers a full range of Smart Energy Meter products for every metering requirement—from basic, energy-only metering to comprehensive smart metering.

Aclara’s residential and commercial smart meter solutions include:

I-210 Meter Family Residential

The Aclara I-210 line of easy-to-use and powerful electric meters complies with various ANSI (American National Standards Institute) electricity metering standards, including ANSI C12.1, ANSI C12.19, and ANSI C37.90.1.

The I-210+ and I-210+c single-phase residential electric meters not only serve as core electronic energy-only meters but also come with advanced functionality for smart grid deployments.

SGM Series Residential

The Aclara SGM series includes:

  • SGM1100™
  • SGM1300™
  • SGM1400™
  • SGM1430B™ - polyphase
  • SGM3000™

The SGM smart meters comply with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards and link usage and power quality data with advanced smart grid functionalities, such as demand response, remote management, and time-of-use billing.

kV2c Meter Family Commercial

The Aclara kV2c electric smart meter is a widely accepted ANSI® commercial and industrial meter with a robust revenue-grade meter design.

Compared to previous models, the fifth-generation meter is known for superior memory and processing power.

SGM Series Commercial

The Aclara SGM3000™ Smart Energy Meter product line covers a variety of metering needs and complies with IEC standards.

Aclara’s commercial meters provide easy access to critical information and help utilities implement advanced energy management and power quality monitoring. Using these meters improves efficiency, increases productivity, and reduces energy costs throughout the energy distribution and usage chain.

EDMI Limited

Founded: 1981

Location: Yishun Industrial Park A, Singapore

John Flood and Neil Gibson established Electronic Design and Manufacturing Queensland (EDMQ Pty Ltd) in Australia in 1978.

In 1981, the company was renamed Electronic Design and Manufacturing International (EDMI). In 2012, EDMI was acquired by Osaki Electric Co., Ltd.—Japan’s leading smart metering company.

EDMI is credited with developing the “first electronic revenue meter (Mk1)” in 1990, followed by the second meter model Mk2 (1994) and Mk3 (1995). Mk3 was EDMI’s first meter to comply with the IEC standards fully.

Over the years, EDMI continued its innovation legacy by delivering an extensive range of smart metering solutions to global consumers.

In 2015, EDMI launched its first smart gas meter. 2017 marked the milestone of deploying 10 million smart meters across 88 countries worldwide.

EDMI’s electricity metering devices include, but not limited to the following:


Commercial and Industrial

Transmission and Distribution

  • Mk10A
  • Mk10D
  • Mk10M
  • Mk7A
  • Mk7B
  • Mk7C
  • Mk7M
  • ES-10B
  • ES-12B
  • Mk32
  • Mk32H
  • Mk31
  • Mk31E
  • NC30
  • Mk6ES
  • Mk6ESL
  • Mk6E
  • Mk10E
  • Mk10A
  • Mk10D
  • Mk10M
  • ES-30B

  • Mk6ES
  • Mk6ESL
  • Mk6E
  • Mk10E

Enel S.p.A.

Founded: 1962

Location: Rome, Italy

Enel S.p.A. (Enel) is a globally leading integrated electricity and gas company operating in over 30 countries.

Enel and its many subsidiaries produce and distribute electricity and gas around Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

For instance, Enel Green Power is a well-known subsidiary with renewable energy plants worldwide and manages 1,200+ power plants on five continents.

As one of the electricity sector’s leading integrated operators, Enel also provides smart technologies to help manage, reduce, and optimize energy consumption.

The Circular Smart Meter by Enel

Enel aims to develop innovative solutions to transform electricity distribution grids into increasingly resilient, participatory, and sustainable “smart” grids.

In the 2000s, Enel’s massive rollout of first-generation smart meters in Italy provided significant benefits to customers. Inspired by the success of sustainable innovation, 2020 saw Enel beginning production on a new Circular Smart Meter made of recycled plastic, with production estimated to reach 8.2 million by 2026.

As the result of six months of laboratory testing, the Circular Smart Meter is one of Enel’s ways to contribute to the circular economy and sustainability.

Furthermore, the Circular Smart Meter builds on the “Open Meter” project that uses regenerated plastic and ensures a circular approach toward manufacturing the newest generation of smart meters by using recycled plastic materials from the first-generation smart meters.

In distribution since 2017, Open Meter is an Enel (Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks (Enel GI&N) is a subsidiary of Enel) project reported to reach the homes of 35+ million Italian customers by 2025.

Honeywell International Inc.

Founded: 1906

Location: North Carolina, United States

Honeywell International Inc.’s history goes back to 1906 when a young engineer named “Mark Honeywell” formed the Honeywell Heating Specialty Co. Incorporated in Wabash, Indiana, United States.

Honeywell’s legacy of invention spans 100+ years and across industries (aerospace & travel, energy, healthcare, retail, utilities, etc.).

Let us look at Honeywell Smart Energy’s leading suite of smart meters for electricity, water, and gas utilities:

Gas Metering

Honeywell’s modular gas meters are accurate, reliable, and suitable for residential and commercial applications. In addition, Honeywell provides future-proof, smart solutions for metering uses.

For example, the Electronic Index EI6 is a smart electronic index that enables secure data exchange between different communication partners and provides significant benefits like advanced diagnostics and maintenance-free design.

Furthermore, the Electronic Index EI7 enables easy smart metering using diverse features, interfaces, and protocols.


Water Meters

V200H: The V200H meter is a hybrid version with an integrated AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) register and a built-in AMR/AMI functionality for cost-saving benefits.

S220: Honeywell’s S220 single-jet, residential water meter operates on the velocity principle and is ideal for revenue billing applications.

V200P: Honeywell’s V200 volumetric cold-water meters comply with a wide range of flow rates and ensure optimum accuracy and performance in horizontal, inclined, or vertical pipelines. The V200P is a manually read volumetric meter with an extremely accurate water consumption reading.

Electric Meters

Alpha 4 Meters (A4Res meter and A4CI meter)

Honeywell’s Alpha 4 delivers edge intelligence and real-time data insights for diverse metering needs.

With expanded meter capabilities and system and communication flexibility, the Alpha 4 meters provide deeper insights into specific service areas, usage, etc., and increase interoperability across an entire system.

Moreover, the industry-leading memory facilitates the storage of more metrology data over longer periods and collection of readings in the event of a power loss.

Beacon 3200

The Beacon 3200 Data Concentrator maximizes smart grid applications by harnessing captured data and enabling data communication from the meter to the operations center. The Beacon 3200 operates in three modes: Data concentrator, DLMS Gateway, and IPv6 router.

Itron, Inc.

Founded: 1977

Location: Liberty Lake, Washington, United States

Itron, Inc. (Itron) is a spin-off of Spokane-based Avista Corp. (formerly known as “Washington Water Power Co.).

Itron designs meters, communication modules and sensors to monitor and manage electricity, gas, and water.

Itron has decades of experience in delivering innovative solutions to diverse customers—from electric utilities and gas utilities to water utilities and smart cities.

Itron’s smart metering solutions include:

Intelis™ wSource™

Intelis wSource is a long-lasting, smart water meter that measures water and monitors the water network.

Apart from connecting easily to data collection systems, Intelis wSource maintains the highest level of accuracy throughout its lifetime and is suitable for all installation conditions.

According to the company, the ultrasonic water meter “combines the best accuracy ratio R1000 on the market and multi-communication protocols.”

Intelis™ gFlex™

Intelis gFlex gas meter is an easy-to-deploy SaaS prepayment solution that streamlines cash collection for utilities without the need for deploying a communication infrastructure.

Intelis gFlex simplifies the gas network’s day-to-day management, while securing upfront revenue for utility companies.

Cloud-based Meter Data Collection

“Temetra” is a modern data collection solution that provides cost-effective, secure, and user-friendly mobile meter reading using a phone app or a tablet.

In addition, Temetra optimizes meter routes with powerful mapping functionality.

Kamstrup A/S

Founded: 1946

Location: Skanderborg, Denmark

Olaf Kamstrup, a self-employed precision engineer, founded Kamstrup A/S—a leading supplier of meters, remote reading systems, software, and services sold in over 90 countries. Kamstrup is owned by the Danish energy company OK A.M.B.A. (a retailer of petroleum and petroleum products).

With 70+ years of experience in the metering business, Kamstrup is a market leader in providing a wide range of smart meters known for outstanding accuracy, exceptionally low failure rates, high flexibility, and long lifetime.

Kamstrup’s solution portfolio includes:

Water solutions

Kamstrup’s smart water meters and devices are built on 30+ years of experience and based on the latest ultrasonic technology. These products provide precise data for billing, operation optimization, and non-revenue water reduction—from accurately measuring consumption to providing key network insights.

Kamstrup provides the following water meters:

  • flowIQ® 2101
  • flowIQ® 2102
  • flowIQ® 2200
  • flowIQ® 3100
  • flowIQ® 3200
  • MULTICAL® 21
  • MAG8000

Heat solutions

Kamstrup’s smart heat meters and devices deliver precision data for billing and optimization, while being flexible enough for future changes. The ultrasonic heat meters are accurate, reliable, and save time and resources during the meter’s lifespan.

Kamstrup ultrasonic heat meters include the MULTICAL seriesMULTICAL® (303, 403, 603, 803).

Cooling solutions

Since launching the first ultrasonic meter in 1991, Kamstrup has conducted extensive R&D to improve the measuring accuracy and stability of cooling meters. Kamstrup ultrasonic cooling meters include the MULTICAL seriesMULTICAL® 303, 403, 603, and 803.

Approved according to the stringent European standard EN1434, these cooling meters save time and resources, while ensuring accuracy and durability even in challenging environmental conditions (humidity, electromagnetic radiation, etc.).

Electricity solutions

Kamstrup’s smart electricity meters and sensors not only gather consumption billing data but also deliver reliable billing and actionable insights.

Kamstrup smart electricity meters include, but not limited to the following:

  • Kamstrup OMNIA® e-meter three-phase
  • OMNIPOWER® single-phase meter
  • OMNIPOWER® three-phase DIN rail meter
  • OMNIPOWER® CT (Current Transformer) meter
  • OMNIPOWER® STS prepayment meter

Landis+Gyr Group AG

Founded: 1896

Location: Cham, Switzerland

Landis+Gyr Group AG (Landis+Gyr) was founded as “Theiler & Co.” by a technician, Richard Theiler, and an entrepreneur, Adelrich Gyr. Landis+Gyr makes meters and related software for electricity and gas utilities.

As an industry leader in energy management solutions for over 125 years and an integrated energy management company, Landis+Gyr has helped global utility companies:

  • Improve operations
  • Lower operating costs
  • Protect assets
  • Provide better customer service

Landis+Gyr’s commercial and industrial electricity meters comprise the following:

E650 S4x (versatile meters with superior metrics)

K-Base Meters (provide greater accuracy with reduced labor, material, and operating costs)

Landis+Gyr E65C (available in various interfaces with plug+play installation and multi-master operations)

LTE-M Cellular S4x (a cost-effective, end-to-end cellular system with seamless integration for smart grid communications)

Here are Landis+Gyr’s other industry-leading electricity meters:

FOCUS AXe/AXRe/RXRe Platform (platform for advanced metering and smart grid applications)

LTE-M Cellular FOCUS AXe/AXe-SD (provides an easy-to-deploy and feature-rich AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) option for Gridstream® Connect customers)

Revelo® Meters (Revelo IoT meters provide exceptional control and insight using advanced waveform data technology)

Schneider Electric SE

Founded: 1836

Location: Rueil-Malmaison, France

Schneider Electric SE (Schneider Electric) is a French electric company founded by the Schneider brothers—Adolphe Schneider and Joseph Eugène Schneider. Schneider Electric is renowned worldwide for the digital transformation of energy management and automation.

Schneider Electric’s Smart Metering range includes:

EcoStruxure™ Advanced Metering Operation

Formerly known as “Titanium Advanced Meter Infrastructure,” Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ Advanced Metering Operation enables the deployment, management, and integration of AMI systems.

EcoStruxure™ Advanced Metering Operation is a meter-agnostic platform with excellent integration capabilities. Additionally, it provides major benefits, such as:

  • Effective AMI deployment on a large scale
  • Efficient operation and rollout management
  • Improved end-customer services
  • Lower operational costs

EcoStruxure™ Grid Metering Operation

EcoStruxure™ Grid Metering Operation manages the entire lifecycle of electric and water meters and is built with advanced standards and technologies to ensure interoperability with other applications.

Here are the key features of the solution that is deployable in the cloud or on-premises:

High performance: Virtualized microservices enable managing millions of active meters and the associated data, with high performance demonstrated at greater than 99.95%.

Multi-head end system: In addition to managing various technologies under a single head end system_(HES), the design allows for easy, inexpensive integration of future technologies.

Multi-metering: Multi-metering makes it easy to manage any type of utility metering (such as electric and gas meters).

Role-based access: Granting individual credentials tailored to each user ensures more efficient and auditable operations.

Single platform: The platform saves time and money in managing the full smart meter lifecycle—from rollout to daily meter reading.

Sensus (Xylem Inc.)

Founded: 1870

Location: North Carolina, United States

Sensus (a Xylem brand) is an industry leader in advanced data analytics solutions, network technologies, and smart meters. As part of Xylem’s (a leading global water technology company) digital portfolio, Sensus provides advanced applications and smart devices for cooperatives, municipalities, and investor-owned utilities.

Sensus provides a complete range of products, including:

Electricity Meters

Sensus provides smart electricity meters, which provide key benefits, including better flexibility in rate structures, enhanced energy efficiency and safety standards, increased billing and usage accuracy, and reduced latency.

  • Aclara I-210+c™ Electricity Meter
  • Aclara kV2c Gen 5 Electricity Meter
  • Honeywell A3 ALPHA® Electricity Meter
  • iConA™ Electricity Meters
  • Stratus IQ™ Electricity Meter
  • Stratus® Electricity Meter

Gas Meters

Sensus offers various gas meters with several benefits, such as improved long-term performance, lower TOC (Total Ownership Cost), and a longer life expectancy.

  • 415 Diaphragm Meter
  • Auto-Adjust® II Turbo Meters
  • Mark II™ PT Series Turbo Meters
  • Mark II™ Turbo Meters
  • R-275 and R-315 Diaphragm Meters
  • Sonix IQ™ Ultrasonic Gas Meter
  • Sonix® Ultrasonic Meters
  • T-10 Turbo Meters
  • TPL-9 Turbo Meters

Water Meters

Sensus provides accurate, reliable, and sustainable water meters designed for a variety of residential applications, as well as C&I (commercial and industrial) needs.

  • accuSTREAM™ Water Meters
  • ally® Water Meters
  • Cordonel®
  • Hydroverse Insertion Meter
  • Hydroverse™ Water Meters
  • iPERL® (North America) Water Meters
  • Mainline Propeller Water Meters
  • OMNI™+ Compound (C2) Water Meters
  • OMNI™+ Fire Hydrant (H2) Water Meter
  • OMNI™+ Fireline® (F2) Water Meter
  • OMNI™+ R2 Water Meter
  • OMNI™+ Turbo (T2) Water Meters
  • OMNI™+ Verification (V2) Portable Test Water Meter
  • SR® II Water Meters

Wasion International

Founded: 2000

Location: Changsha, Hunan, China

Wasion International (Wasion) is an overseas trade and marketing platform for its parent company “Wasion Holdings Limited”—China’s leading provider of advanced metering, distribution, and energy efficiency management solutions.

With overseas factories and offices in 20+ countries and products exported to 50+ countries and regions, Wasion is a globally recognized provider of comprehensive energy solutions. Wasion serves commercial and industrial users, as well as global energy supply industries (including gas, heat, power, and water).

Since 2000, Wasion has delivered more than 100 million meters worldwide and helped 140+ clients and partners better manage energy.

Wasion’s product portfolio includes, but not limited to the following:

Electricity Meters

Wasion provides a complete range of electricity meters that simplify and automate energy metering and management system.

Let’s take a look at Wasion’s electricity meters:

ANSI Meters

  • Libra 3C (Multi-function Energy Meter)
  • Libra 1C (Single Phase Energy Meter)
  • Libra 3D (ANSI Standard Smart Meter)
  • Libra 1A (ANSI Standard Conventional Meter)

IEC Prepaid Meters

  • aMeter100-KT (Single Phase Smart Meter)
  • aMeter300-KT (Poly-phase Smart Meter)
  • DDSD101-KT (Single Phase Keypad Meter)
  • DTSY341 (Three Phase Smart Prepayment Meter)

IEC Smart Meters

  • aMeter100-GT (Single Phase Smart Energy Meter)
  • aMeter300-GT (Poly-phase Smart Energy Meter)
  • aMeter300 GT(CT) (Three Phase Smart Energy Meter)
  • aMeter100(GTRU) (Single Phase Smart Energy Meter)
  • aMeter300(GTRU) (Three Phase Smart Energy Meter)
  • aMeter151 (Single Phase Smart Energy Meter)
  • aMeter351 (Three Phase Smart Energy Meter)

IEC Ordinary Meters

  • DTSD341 (Three Phase Energy Meter)
  • DDS102 (Single Phase Energy Meter)

DIN Rail Mounted Meters

  • aMeter100-DT
  • aMeter100-DTIN (Single Phase Energy Meter)

Water and Gas Meters

Besides accurately measuring water and gas usage, Wasion’s water and gas meter solutions deliver long-term benefits to end-customers and utilities alike.

Wasion’s water and gas meter range comprises the following:

  • D-100 Series (Ultrasonic Water Meter)
  • C-210 Series (Smart Water Meter)
  • I-110 Series (Smart Water Meter)
  • ZG-D-1.6~4 (Smart Residential Gas Meter)

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Wrapping Up

Amid the rapidly changing landscape of electricity distribution, intelligent metering is necessary to face challenges like changing customer demands, fluctuating consumption patterns, and unprecedented usage peaks.

Without advanced metering infrastructure, it is difficult to ensure the optimal use of energy resources and utility assets.

Furthermore, access to reliable data and insights into the grid helps decide on grid expansions and detect irregularities on time.

For instance, big data produced by smart electric meters is useful for delivering enhanced customer service and minimizing outages.

Smart meters constitute an integral part of the advanced metering age wherein energy consumers want more control and insights to manage energy better.

Smart meter companies are instrumental in developing flexible, configurable, and robust smart meter technology for various metering requirements, while helping bring accuracy and reliability into gas, power, and water usage.