Global Top 10 Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Companies [2023]

Wednesday, 18 October 23, 11:30

The acronym “OCTG” stands for “Oil Country Tubular Goods,” which refer to piping products used in onshore and offshore O&G production.

The acronym “OCTG” stands for “Oil Country Tubular Goods,” which refer to piping products used in onshore and offshore O&G production.

Here are the three main types of Oil Country Tubular Goods:

· Drill pipe (a durable steel pipe used in drilling)

· Casing pipe (lines and stabilizes the wellbore)

· Tubing pipe (transports O&G to the surface)

The OCTG pipe is generally manufactured based on the API (American Petroleum Institute) standard or related standard specifications.

The API stipulates precise specifications that define OCTG properties—classifying them into ten grades. Furthermore, the chemical composition of the steel and subsequent heat treatment impact OCTG properties.

Keep reading to learn more about the key players in the OCTG market.

Tenaris S.A.

Vallourec S.A.









Here are the world’s leading OCTG companies (ranking is based on revenue):

Tenaris S.A.

Founded: 2001

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Tenaris S.A. (Tenaris) is a globally renowned manufacturer and supplier of steel pipes and related services. Tenaris is a subsidiary of the Techint Group—an Argentine conglomerate founded by Agostino Rocca, an Italian industrialist.

Tenaris OCTG

Tenaris’ comprehensive OCTG product range comprises the following:

· Accessories

· Artificial lift

· Casing and tubing

· Coiled tubing

· Drill pipe

· ID & OD coatings

· Oil and gas tools

· Proprietary steel grades

· TenarisHydril premium connections

· Weld-on connectors

Vallourec S.A.

Founded: 1899

Location: Meudon, France

Vallourec is a global leader in premium tubular solutions and a trusted supplier for the automotive, mechanical engineering, O&G, petrochemical, power generation, and steel architecture sectors.

Vallourec provides a full scope of tubular solutions, including seamless pipe, premium VAM® connections, and accessories for diverse O&G exploration and production challenges.

In addition, Vallourec supports every project stage with inventory management and pipe running operations, as well as design and well management optimization solutions.


Founded: 2001

Location: Moscow, Russia

TMK is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of tubular solutions, steel pipes, and related services for the O&G industry.

As one of the industry-leading OCTG manufacturers, TMK provides a variety of casing, drilling, and tubing products for O&G production.

Casing: Casing is used to fix O&G wells during construction and operation.

Tubing: Tubing is used during O&G well operation to transport gases and liquids inside casing strings.

Drill Pipe: The drill pipe is used for the following:

· Construction and overhaul of exploration and O&G production wells

· Drilling of lateral, inclined, and horizontal wells

· Technological operations in wells

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