Global Top 10 Drill Bit Manufacturers [2023]

Thursday, 14 December 23, 15:20

A drill bit is a special tool used to make a hole in any solid material.

Generally, a drill bit typically contains the body, point, and shank, with the drill body extending from the shank to outer corners of the cutting lips. While the shank refers to the part of a drill by which it is held and driven, the point is the cone-shaped cutting end of a drill.

Drill bits can drill through soft or hard materials and create different types of holes in diverse materials.

For example, a thick and sturdy masonry drill bit is used for drilling through concrete but drilling clean, smooth cuts in wood is done with a wood drill bit.

While drilling creates a smooth hole in a material, tapping (using threaded tools called “taps”) creates an internal thread in a hole so that a bolt or screw can be inserted in the workpiece.

In the O&G industry, a drill bit (also known as a “bit” or a “rock bit”) is a cutting tool used to cut or crush rock. Based on the primary cutting mechanism, O&G drill bits are classified into two main types—fixed cutter bits and rolling cutter bits.

Drill bit companies specialize in developing drill bits, which maximize ROP, provide a long service life, and are adaptable for several drilling applications.

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Global Top 10 Drill Bit Manufacturers [2023]

1. Atlas Copco

2. Baker Hughes Company

3. Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co., Ltd.








Atlas Copco

Founded: 1873

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

The Atlas Copco Group was founded as “Atlas” (1873), which became “Atlas Diesel” (1917) before renamed “Atlas Copco” (1956).

Today, the 150-year-old company has customers in 180+ countries.

Atlas Copco supplies 19 mm, 22 mm, and 25 mm hexagonal rods in a variety of lengths and matching premium quality bits to meet diverse demands.

Atlas Copco’s product range covers Integral, Tapered, and R25 rods and bits applicable for the Atlas Copco Cobra Combi Breakers and Pneumatic Rock Drillers.

Baker Hughes Company

Founded: 1987

Location: Houston, Texas, United States

Baker Hughes Company (Baker Hughes) is among the world’s largest oilfield service businesses, with operations spanning Africa, the Americas (including North America and South America), Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Baker Hughes was established as a merger between Baker International (founded by Reuben C. Baker) and Hughes Tool Company (founded by Howard Hughes).

Baker Hughes is a trusted leader in solving production challenges in every environment—from deepwater subsea fields to mature conventional fields.

Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1998

Location: Hejian City, Hebei Province, China

Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co., Ltd. (also known as “Cangzhou Great” and stylized as “GREAT”) is one of the largest PDC bit manufacturers in Asia and is a first-class supplier for CNOOC, CNPC, and Sinopec.

Apart from selling products to Indonesia, the Middle East, Russia, the U.S. and other countries, GREAT is stated to have established strategic collaboration with all the oilfields in China.

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